Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Going to the National Festival!

Hey! It's been a while. I'm excited to report that I am once again off to Atlanta Georgia for the National Puppetry Festival put on by the local group of the Puppeteers of America.

I am required, in fact, to be there as I am taking over the post of Regional Director. No one stepped up to the post at the last regional, and at the time, I was still an officer of the Guild. So I agreed to co-direct the region, taking over the second half of the two year term. That gave me a chance to step down as an officer of the guild. Therefore, as of July, I am the Pacific Northwest Regional Director. That means I must run the regional meeting at the Festival.

A likely excuse right? You are right. I would have gone anyway. Here are the workshops I've signed up for plus the descriptions of each:

"On Camera" with presenter Lisa Sturz
Puppets on Camera is a work-through on the basics of television puppetry including eye focus, lip synch, character voices, posture and timing. We practice sharing the fame and how to work with depth perception on a reverse monitor. We will mostly perform with bare hands, but bring your hand and mouth puppets if you would like for advanced exercises.

"Guerilla Puppet Filmmaking! (A Poor Man's Guide to Expensive Looking Videos for the Web)" with Matthew McGee
Is that TV show opportunity looking kinda slim for your new puppet characters due to your lack of finances? NEVER FEAR! Make your own professional looking puppet videos that you can share online for less than what you spent on making the puppets themselves! Wanna share a short film? We'll show you how! Wanna make a web series? Piece of cake! Just wanna get your stuff on the web in a more exciting format other than a jpeg? Find out the cheap route!

"Puppet Shows Without Borders: Taking Your Show Overseas" with Randel McGee
Internationally renowned performer, Randel McGee, has performed several times overseas. He will discuss his techniques for contacting events and venues, arranging for travel and lodging, and how he adapts his stories to be appropriate for a different culture and language.

"Improv in Emergency!" with Lucky Yates
Ever wondered what to do when the power goes out as your Rapunzel is about to be rescued by her Prince? Or when the pivotal two person marionette scene can't happen since both puppets are inextricably tangled backstage? Or even when the puppet booth falls down in mid-scene? Improv can be the puppeteer's best friend when the unexpected arises.
Learn techniques and trouble-shooting for emergency puppet scenarios by one of the best Improv Artists and Puppeteers that Atlanta has to offer, Lucky Yates!

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