Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Puppy Puppet

So I'm motivated to improve my stuffed animal conversion to marionettes so I can take it with me to the Festival and get some advice.
At Goodwill for $1.00, I found this great Hallmark puppy...he was a graduation gift for 2006 and a card was still dangling from his mouth "Kim. Way to Go! Love Jet, Mel and Demi. P.S. Rover always has a second home :)". Here's a picture:

Hallmark Puppy Before (1)

His second home turned out to be mine where I started off by disassembling him and giving him a new neck! But he made it through the surgery fine. I've also finally added a much requested string. See if you can guess which it is:

Want to learn how to convert a stuffed animal into a marionette?
I explain how in these really old blog posts:
Pick the puppy
Make controls
New Neck
Leg Stitches
Eye hook secret

Stringing...well I never did post about stringing. I believe at some point I said I would post if anyone asked me to and no one did.


lancy said...
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Magenta said...

Yes, please post stringing. I have never done anything this complicated before. I haven't started yet, but want to make several for my daughter's ballet class.

I was originally making the easy marionette puppet, but these are just too cute!

Angel said...

So cute! Loved him. My friend took a very large stuffed dog once and used heavy fishing line and strung him up as a marionette. This is a good idea.

elly_leaverton said...

I'll work on a stringing post for you. I'm so glad someone asked for it!

elly_leaverton said...

The stringing post is up: