Monday, June 3, 2013

Prague for Puppeteers Part One

I bought two guides at Third Place Books because they both mentioned Puppets or Marionettes.  Not all guides I found there did.  But Frommer's and Rick Steve's guides both mentioned puppets a little bit.  This is rather surprising considering that there are puppets everywhere here.
There are whole stores here with nothing but puppets.  Two companies I've found so far do a show every single day...another company a little bit down the road runs nearly every day too (and that one has a beautiful new theatre that sells out every show).  Prague lives up to its claim of being a puppetry capital of Europe!
But the guides just don't handle it well.  Now if you want to come to Prague for the parties and the the guides, by all means...they'll meet your needs.  But if you are a puppeteer, and want to travel to the puppetry center of Europe, maybe I can help you out with my lessons learned.
1. More than one place performs Don Giovanni for the tourists.
There is the official National Marionette Theater and then there is a group near the Prince Charles Bridge that is trying to capitalized on the tourists with their guides looking for Don Giovanni.  It's not that they have a bad show...but it's not the show you are looking for.  First of's mostly done with rod puppets not marionettes.  Second, it's in a serious state of disrepair.  It runs twice a day every day.
The National Marionette Theater on the other hand, is a entirely string puppet show...well there is one mask...but it's the show all the guides mention.  It runs once a day at 8pm. Websites:
Take all your non-puppeteer friends.  Be sure to spend the 90 Crowns to get the'll need to read it to understand the show unless you speak Italian
2. You are in the hometown of Spejbl and Hurvinek. You've read about them in the Puppetry've watched them on YouTube no doubt.  Well, you are now able to go see them in person!
But they are hugely popular...and they don't run every single day.  Buy the tickets as soon as you can...maybe before you leave home. Website:
3. More to come...