Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coralline Show and Tell

At the second guild meeting of the year, Tony Defillips showed us his souvenirs from his work on the stop-motion animation movie “Coralline”. I unfortunately only had my cell phone camera with me so, the pictures aren’t the best. But if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll probably recognize a few things:

The circus mice spelling her name.

One of the dogs in theater chairs. One of the circus mice in a gift to all the workers on the show.

A running Coralline.

One of Coralline's many faces.

One of Coralline's Other Mother's faces.

Hands, Coralline's are the small pale ones with blue nails.

Rob holding the dog on the theater chair. There were hundreds of dogs in the theater.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Officers for the Puppeteers of Puget Sound 2009!

Slate of Officers:

Tony DeFilipps
cell 206- 940-0889

Vice- President of Programs
Jean Enticknap
cell 239-8866 work 206 524-3388

Vice- President of Membership
Alyssa McFarland

Mary Shaver
cell 360-259-4419 home 425-458-6558

Cheryl Handley
home 425-556-9761

Newsletter Editor
Joan King
206 244-4825

Elly Leaverton
206 940-6234

Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Aki Matsuri Team Meeting Owarimashita

In case you hadn’t heard or I hadn’t told you…Momotaro will be presented once more at the Aki Matsuri. Hopefully with better sound, and I learned at the first team meeting that the Sound Guru has put mics for puppeteers in the budget. Yay!
There are a few other things I’d like to do for the show this year including back-drops, doing the peach opening right and perhaps a new puppet or two. I’d also like to add a soundtrack for in between scenes. I need some sort of smooth transition between scenes and right now I don’t have it.
Also at the first meeting, I learned that we will be facing a challenge. It seems the L-building has been water damaged and is schedule for repairs this summer. The Aki Matsuri team has been instructed to plan as if that building will not be ready in time for our use. So our show must be moved to a different location.
The L-Building Location
We were planning on moving it to one of the class rooms in the L-building due to the large audience and sound problems we encountered. This just means an entirely different building will need to be considered. I just hope we are not so far out of the common paths as to be difficult to be found.