Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hands Up

I took you up through the Papier-mache step in the previous post. From that point, the hands don't differ from the head. I added details with paperclay, painted them, added fun-foam fingernails and put a sealing coat over the whole thing. Here's the result:

Claw-detail (3) we have my boy in all his naked glory:

Front view of Oni Puppet

Next is costuming...wanna see that too?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Step Back

I didn't go over the body. Boy am I rushing ahead of myself! Look, there I go...

Cutting out the body

There is a trick to this, which I learned at the Puppet Rampage...the back of one's hand needs more space than the front. Who knew? Thus...the body has three parts:

Three apart

Which then comes together so:

Three together

All in all, a roomier style.

But here's a trick of my own...some puppeteers use wires, but I find boning to be much better:

Boning along the bottom

Why? Because it does the same job as a wire but it is lighter and much easier to pack.

Yes...he needs hair:

Cutting the hair

All the pictures I found always show the red oni with hair at least on the back of the head with the bald samerai forehead. This really does set him apart from the western devil. A good thing to be sure!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hand-some Oni

Tin hands

Can you stand it? Metal hands...Terminator Oni!

Tin bones

This was another trick I learned from Brian Kooser. Start with metal...he often uses a thin wire to begin, and I was going to as well. But I couldn't find my wire, so I grabbed the tinfoil.

Hands with Masking Layer

Cover it with masking tape and use that to flesh it out a bit more.

Look at my hands

Then you add the papier-mache layers. After this...details with paper clay...I can't find a picture of that step though. Sorry. I just blazed through without stopping.