Friday, July 15, 2011

Puppet Slam, Ice Cream and Awesome!

Gina is a bad influence on me.  We both remembered the MC's promise during the Cabaret the night before that there would be Ice Cream at the Puppet Slam.  We sat together in the front row and continually asked for ice cream in a heckling like manor.  Well...he threw candy at us.  Right at us...really hard.  Oh well, we just redoubled the heckling in revenge.
I felt a little bad about heckling so much after a while, but little did I know there was a performance group backstage rather happy that we were begging for ice cream.
The most memorable performance involve the word "Awesome" and was about a little boy who brings the wrong birthday cake home.  The puppet of the boy was delightful...a round little boy with finger controlled feet.  His hands were linked together at moved up into jazz hands position and he would shout "Awesome".  He was actually quite desperate to remain positive.  Some of the times he said "Awesome" were actually quite heart-breaking.  But the final "Awesome" was a high note and therefore "Awesome" has become the word of the festival.
Back to the ice cream...the final act of the show was a heart-broken woman who's day is seriously improved by switching songs in her life and being indulged by an animate tub of Neapolitan.  She ended up covered in ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup...and so did the front of the stage and those lucky souls in the front row.  Always save the messy ones for last...puppeteers are smart like that.
Yes, I was in the front row...but I was not lucky.  I'm sure the MC was disappointed about that.

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