Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lessons Learned This Year

1. There is no big enough room in all of Bellevue College to have the puppet shows.
2. No more paper-mache hands for my glove puppets--you can't hold anything with them and they get damaged easily.
3. Signs not fliers
4. Bring a CD player every time just in case.
5. Children's imagination is boundless...they didn't believe there was no small Issunboshi puppet, they saw it.
6. A standing stage was a good fit for the room
7. My lights are too bright...need to work on that.
8. 11am show might be too early to start
9. No one can plan for every possible negative matter how my engineering heart wants to disagree, I must admit that.
10. Flat fans not folding
11. Never use another neck besides Joan King's comfort neck
12. Always check you have the right backdrop up before the show begins. *sigh*

That's it for now!

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