Saturday, May 31, 2008

See Ya Where the Lines Meet

As you know, of late I have been feeling behind on the preparation for Momotaro. You also may have observed that at such times of need, I turn to my husband Frank for steadying…reality checking…words of encouragement…and just plain help with the logistics.

Another Year another doublet

Accordingly, I consulted him four nights ago with my feelings and asked him to employ his considerable field project management skills. This resulted in a drawing that I don’t doubt has never been applied to a puppet show before. Each independent item was given its own line: Puppets, Props, Scenery, Stage, and Publicity. Each line had its own big black dot for the point at which it affects another line. The result was this ladder of project planning…and I really can’t tell you if it was this drawing or the simple act of discussing it…perhaps it was both, but now I feel okay. Thanks, Frank!

It’s like cleaning your craft room…you know, that mountain of creativity that threatens and in some cases succeeds in taking over your living space? When you first walk in and look at it, it makes you want to ball. But if you clear a little space and layout boxes with labels like: materials, paints, controls, etc. Then you get a bunch of quart baggies and label them stuff like: Buttons, thread, feathers, puppet eyes, elastic, etc. Then you take a step back and look at your empty bags and boxes and that pile of creativity, you feel very differently. All of a sudden, it looks doable, doesn’t it?

It’s really all about lines and labels…and where they meet. See ya there.

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Danny said...

No, it's not about any of those's about being loved and that is all that matters..and that IS where the lines cross.