Monday, May 26, 2008

Of Arms and Armor

Yes, Japanese armor can be duplicated on a small scale by black plastic canvas!

May Momotaro (6)

And so easy to assemble that even a cat can do it:
Cat-Made Armor
The downside is…boy oh boy is it time consuming! What you are looking at is the result of two airplane trips of 3.5 hours each; six 40 minute long car trips; and seven DVDs of various TV shows from Netflix—and it’s still not done.

I suppose what you are looking at is the stark contrast of puppets done for fun and puppets done as a profession. A professional puppeteer would have discarded this idea because of the time involved…but me? Well, I was gonna watch the Netflix anyway. Also…if I didn’t have this to do, I would’ve just slept through the plane rides and car trips.

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