Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sage Advice on the first Workshop Day

The above picture is Rob D'Arc--a notorious dealer of puppeteer crack--caught in the act of spreading the addiction of pop-up puppets far and wide.

So, I should share with you all some of the sage advice I got in the first day of the four day workshop with Luman Coad. The first I shall share because it's good for any and all performers:

Basic Performer Rules

1. Be on time (not Greenwood time)
2. Come Prepared (don't leave your kelly green tights at home 4 hours away)
3. Know your lines (My lines from one Chess game can still be seen written on Flynt's controls)
4. Be Professional (Where have I heard that before?)
5. Don't goof off (as funny as it was, swazzling at opening circle for Greenwood is a good example of me breaking this rule and costing the company time. I blame myself.)
6. Always stretch and limber up (I knew that already, I am an ergonomics leader)

Luman Coad also had a lot to say about the playboard:
a. The playboard should not be leaned on!
b. The playboard is not the stage floor but rather a surface that is set in between the knees and the ankles of your puppet.
c. When you move back away from the playboard, pretend like your stage is a raked. The puppets get slightly taller as they go back. Think about those kids in the front row. If you don't do this, you run the risk of them loosing the action.

More later...

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