Friday, July 20, 2007

Round those Characters!

Today we dived into characterization.
Luman Coad gave us some techniques to determine our main character with--
He asked us to consider:
What one word describes the main character? (Every character has a positive and a negative characteristic).
What is your main character's fatal flaw; what's his or her core quality?
What is the character's goal?

How your character perceives the world is also important:
What values does the character hold?
What justifies an evil action? For the best villains think what they are doing is right.
What is the character's attitude?
What's the character's slant on the situation?

Character Arc or a character should be different at the end of the show.
A character arc may go something like this: At first, the character seeks his goal without thinking. He fails. This is called the first reversal. Next the character considers and tries again. He fails again. Then he has his black moment. The character must change himself and seek his goal for the final climax of the story.
Find at least a key word and two minor descriptive words that represent your main character.

Watch for distinctive characterization that revealed by movement.
Make a one minutes action sequence--take a standard fairytale character and make it unique with movement only.

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