Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day of Puppetry for Puppeteers

Happiness is...

I’m very excited by the up coming Day of Puppetry for Puppeteers because we will be performing Momotaro for them. This is the first time for Mylinda and Beckett, both long-time guild members, to perform for the guild and so several other guild members have told me they are looking forward to the show merely on that account. There is "gee wiz" about our show that would excite fellow puppeteers…it is a well known folk tale done with a singularly un-mystical form of puppetry—glove puppetry. So the charm would be seeing some of our new members go from interested guild member to performing guild members and that, you must admit, is a truly wonderful thing.
Interested in coming? Here's the details:
On May 16, 2009, the Puppeteers of Puget Sound [] will be hosting a Day of Puppetry for Puppeteers in Ballard. The event itself will occur at the Sunset Hill Community Club [ ] .
Our show will be from 11:30 to 12:15
Momotaro and the Island of the Oni
Puppeteers:Elly Leaverton, Mandy Leaverton, Mylinda Sneed, Beckett Arnold
Also, if you are a friend of my sister, Mandy, keep in mind that she is moving back to Boise this summer. This is very likely the last time you will get to see her perform. She is a very good puppeteer.
Send me an email if you want to attend.

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