Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RadCon 2009

I got pictures! I had 9 students on Saturday if you count the 5 that came super late and played with my glove puppets...which I do. Interest is good.
RadCon 2009 (10)
Four of the nine showed on Sunday...the three who came the whole time on Saturday: Dann, Mary and Andrew plus one of the late comers. Luckily I had prepared some hands so that the second day could stand alone.
I think the convention will try it again next year--the feedback we got was that too many craft workshops were in the morning and not enough kids activities were in the morning. I guess the adults turned up at the kids workshops and were put out. Alas, I think me that there are no gaming early birds! Not only that, but they want a morning place to take their kids while hung-over. Go fig. Here's a shot of Mary, Dann and me:
RadCon 2009 (77)
As for me...I need more puppets like Shippo. I was employed in entertaining folks in long lines on Friday. I need more anime marionettes. Who am I kidding? I need more puppets...I always need more puppets.
Too Closed and Too Open

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