Sunday, September 7, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Momotaro

I went to bed at 8:30pm so now I'm up at the crack of dawn with plenty of time before the shows this afternoon. So I thought I'd make a blog post and show you things from our point of view.
Here's a shot of the puppet and prop rack behind us:
Behind the scenes: Prop Rack 1
In future productions, I think I'll lower this prop rack. This is a good height if we were standing, but being on our knees, we have to unhook the puppets, lower them and then put our arm in them.
The props on top are sitting on a lovely gadget I got at Daiso. Did I mention I love Daiso?
Here's a shot of Stage Right:
Behind the scenes: Stage Right 2
Right under the playboard is our cheat sheet for the words of the Japanese song. By now though, I don't think anyone looks at it.
Those S-hooks you see there, Mandy picked up for me at Daiso as well. I hereby nominate Daiso as the official store of the puppeteers. I originally thought that pink s-hook was going to be too long, but it's not at all when you are kneeling.
Finally, here's a shot of Stage Left:
Behind the scenes: Stage Left
That's a flat omni-directional microphone next to the fence prop. Sound has been our biggest issue. I never taught projection and I should have. Lesson learned.

Oh guess what! So many people I know showed up to see the Saturday shows and support our effort. So I'd like to thank the following folks for coming:
  • Marsha and her sister
  • Barb
  • Randy
  • June
  • Jon
  • Diana
  • Don
  • Dannielle
  • Mary
  • Frieda
  • Matt
  • Vicky
You guys are the best!

I'd also like to thank our stage crew:
  • Bob
  • Wes
  • Frank
  • Jason
My heroes!

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