Monday, March 3, 2008

A Wealth of Volunteers

After 1st build

We puppeteers don't need much to content fact, I had a little slice of heaven this Saturday. Three people came over to build puppets with me.

"Why is that heavenly?" you ask.

Well you the shadowy depths of my well cluttered craft room I am often lost. I build my own friends there but strangely, talking to them feels like I'm talking to myself. Go figure.

But this Saturday the tables came out and the clutter some how vanished. Then there was much cathartic tearing of shopping bags. Balloons were blown up. Toilet paper rolls were cut up. Paper clay was squished and mooshed. Heads and hands began to take one time during the day there were eight hands covered with wallpaper paste (that's forty fingers, in case you were wondering).

I ask you: Does that not sound like a heavenly Saturday?

Ah! You know it does! So, come back often, for faces are next. Who knows what face you may catch a glimpse of.

Speaking of faces...I seem to find myself trapped in the marionette mode. Jean Enticknap and Brian Kooser would despair of me. Even though I know that glove puppets are supposed to have huge heads and funny faces...I've made the heads in proportion. Eyes half way between the top of the head and the bottom. Noses between the eyes and the chin. Mouthes between the nose and the bottom of the face! Mouths that have corners which line up with the center of the eyes!

Whatever shall I do?

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